Irregular Block Specialists

If your piece of land is an irregular shape or a sloping block you need to ensure you get the right builder with the know how and experience to make the most of the space – you need irregular block specialists.

As a third generation builder, Imperial Homes has built custom designed homes on land of all different shapes and sizes. We are across all the different options available and can turn your tricky block into a unique asset.

Due to our extensive experience, we are able to identify any issues up front and give you alternative options rather than limitations for your home. And we can build these into the project right from the start rather than you getting any nasty – or expensive – surprises down the track.

We can manage the project from start to finish and you can be assured that the advice your getting is right for your specific needs. With our solid reputation for building custom designed homes and our huge breadth of experience, Imperial Homes is your best choice for your tricky block.

See some of our homes built on irregular blocks:
Gumdale St, Wakerley
Beachcrest Rd, Wellington Point
Habitat St, Raby Bay


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Irregular blocks

We specialise in building on sloping or non-standard blocks of land.